Couple save up tops from 2,800 bottles of beer to create new bathroom flooring


When Ellie Brodey and her partner Tyler moved into their house together, they started to save up the bottle tops everyone used, hoping to one day turn them into something.

Now, four years later and 2,800 tops, they’ve created an amazing bathroom floor.

After seeing people tiling their floors with pennies, they decided to use a similar method for their bottle tops.

The pair stuck down each of the tops down in rows using silicone glue, before grouting to fill the gaps between them and pouring 10kg of clear resin, which costs around £65, on top to create a smooth and shiny surface.

They need thousands of the tops to cover the 2.4sqm area in their home in Cornwall.

Ellie explains: ‘We weren’t sure what to do with them at first but then saw the penny floor idea and decided to do a bottle cap floor.

‘We finally had enough and started sticking them down a couple months ago.

‘In total it took about five hours to stick the caps down, then grouting them was the biggest pain as there is so many! Grouting and cleaning them afterwards to make sure they were prepped for the resin took a good few hours.

‘The resin was a quick job as you just pour it on and let it set for 48 hours.’

The pair worked together to complete the project, and it was a particular achievement for Ellie who is due to give birth in August.

Posting on Facebook, Ellie thanked everyone who had enjoyed a drink at their house as it meant they were one step closer to completing their floor.

She said: ‘If you ever had a drink round ours you have contributed. Thanks to family and friends for helping out.’

She also shared the pictures on the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group and over 4,000 liked her post.